Custom Pre-Priced Labeling Program

Here at The Ivy Farm we realize how valuable your time is, especially in the spring, and how important it is to get your material displayed in the sales yard as soon as possible.

We offer a 2" x 4" custom label at a cost of .25 cents per pot, with a one time set up fee of $50.

Your pre-printed labels will be applied by hog ring to each container before shipment, this way your plant material goes directly from the delivery truck, to your sales yard, and into your customer’s hands. Not only do you save time not having to price your plants, but your company name is on every plant you sell.

How to Get Started:

  • If you decide to use our pre-pricing program we will send you ourPlant Materials List with the cost of the plant, UPC, and code. Just fill in your retail price and SKU (if you are currently using one).
  • If you do not wish to price individually then you have the option to use our Price Points List grouped by prices and sizes.
  • Both of these files are in Excel spreadsheets and can be either e-mailed or sent regular mail.
  • You also have the option of giving us a formula to compute your cost. For example: our cost x 2.5 & rounded to the next .99.

Once you have filled in your retail prices and SKU, just send your list via e-mail or USPS, and we will upload your information into our system.


We will take your information at anytime, but reserve the right to postpone implementation based on time restraints.

Custom Tags:

  • Every one of our tags comes standard with:
  • Your company name
  • Your retail price
  • Botanical & common plant names
  • Detailed plant information
  • Container size/ volume

You also have a list of personalized options to choose from as to what information you want displayed on your tag.

If you are interested in our custom tags, please fill out our pre-pricing form below, and submit it to our main office. Any questions can be directed to Monique Cain,

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